Join me for a webinar as we plan for 2016!

So….This happened recently:


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It may not look  like much (but that’s because you can’t see the rest of my desk….and you’re not going to…)

Last year, I had this great plan…I set aside time every Monday to work on bookkeeping…managing invoices, paypal, Quickbooks…all that “fun” stuff.

Only….I didn’t do it.  Never.  Not once.

Lucky for me, I just started full time in September, so there’s only 4 months of unprocessed bookkeeping….but still.

As I started preparing to lead some workshops on “Looking Back, Planning Forward” in December, I took myself through the process to figure out what worked great for me in 2015, and what didn’t work so well, so that I can figure out what to carry forward, change or let go of in 2016.

My bookkeeping system (obviously) did not work so well.

There were other things, of course….My lack of meal planning.  My unwillingness to schedule my exercise.  My blog posts have too many words…you get the idea.

There were things that DID work, too, of course!  I loved incorporating “Coaching Conversations” into my networking and marketing plan.  Speaking at events and networking groups was a great way to meet potential clients.  Less wine.  More risks (= more fun!)…

As I went through the process of “Looking Back, Planning Forward”, it became ever more clear what I wanted to leave in 2015, what I wanted to transform for 2016, and what I was ultimately inspired to try to create!

If I hadn’t sat down and really taken the time look back, planning forward may not have been quite so fun (and useful!)

Because it was useful for me, I wanted to offer you the opportunity to join me for one more opportunity to look back, plan forward, and get reinvigorated and inspired to create what you want in 2016….It’s never too late!

Here are the webinar details:

Looking Back, Planning Forward


Come prepared with writing instruments as I lead you through a series of workshop-style questions to help you let go of what didn’t work in 2015, evaluate what did work, and create a vision, and a starting plan, for 2016.  Here are the details:

Wednesday, January 20th, 2016
12:05pm – 12:45pm PST
$30 per participant 

Take time now to reflect on your relationships, your body and health, your career / schooling / business….. The year is going to pass by, why not create something meaningful as it does??

Click the link below to register!

Once you click on the class time, make sure you “Set Timezone” in order to move forward with the registration process – I hope to see you there!

A goal without a plan

Here’s what one participant had to say about “Looking Back, Planning Forward”:

“Thanks for today’s class, I was feeling very discouraged, and I feel like I am sitting taller now and more focused!”
– Wellness Coach

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