Equus Coaching Giveaway!

Are you interested and intrigued by what an Equus Coaching Session might look like? As I prepare for my Certification review this April, I’m giving away Complimentary Equus Experiences to 4 LUCKY winners!  READ ON for details!

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I was recently got to spend a half day doing Equus Coaching with a Leadership Team….And before that with a pair of BFF’s….And before that with a Barn Owner/Riding Instructor….And before that with 2 Entrepreneurs.  What did they take from the experience?  Better awareness of their own behavior patterns, in work and life, to put it quite simply, and an ability to try strategies to see if something else might work better.  And for the pairs and teams, an unequal opportunity to observe each other’s strengths, weaknesses, and tendencies, and to figure out how to better support one another.  In some cases processing grief.  In others embracing FUN.  Learning how to lead from behind – and how to get “un-flustered” when things don’t go right the first time.  I honestly never know what’s going to come up when people get into nature, with horses, and with me….but it’s always pretty cool.

WHY would you want to do an Equus Session??

1) There’s something in your life that you’d like objective support with
2) You have goals centered around leadership, communication, or relationship, and you’d like to creatively explore what might be in your way, and get to problem solving
3) You’re in a Leadership position and want to continue to grow
4) You LOVE horses and/or nature and/or me 
5) You are passionate about personal and professional development
7) You’re curious and want to try something new and different
8) Other:____________________________

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HOW are you selected??

To be entered to win one of the 4 Equus Experience, you can:
1)  Sign up as a Newsletter Subscriber at www.meaganenglishcoaching.com 
2)  Go “Like” my Business Facebook Page
3)  “Like” the post about THIS, over HERE
4)  SHARE this page on social media (and tag me)!
**You can be entered in the drawing for the Equus Experience up to 4 TIMES if you choose to do all 4 of these things!  Woopwoop!

meagan and horses


– These sessions will be on Monday, March 28th or Tuesday, March 29th, during the day in Canby, OR. I will notify winners when the drawing takes place on MARCH 9th.
– Each person will receive a 20-minute round pen session and coaching, and a 15 minute herding session and coaching, plus debriefs with Meagan English and Nicole Croizier, both Martha Beck Coaches and Koelle Simpson Trained Equus Coaches.

Need a little more info?  Hop on over here to read a LOT more about Equus Coaching!

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Thanks for playing!

(And if you’re just curious about setting up a full Equus Coaching Experience, for you, a small group, or a Corporate Leadership Event, shoot me an email or book a consultation to talk through the details!)

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