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It’s been awhile since you’ve heard from me – I know!

I spent my summer doing a “kid swap” with my best friend, so having 4 kids aged 8, 9, 10 and 11 in the house 3 days a week really threw a wrench into my “routine”.  I wouldn’t have had it any other way, though – We sent swimming in rivers and lakes, had picnics, baked cookies, I hosted my first “Girls Leadership Retreat”…I broke up a lot of arguments and heard “mom” about 3,672 time a day.

I also kept working with my clients, started a “Lunch and Learn” series with a local physician’s clinic, did several Leadership training sessions, and…get this...I WROTE A BOOK!  Ok, ok…technically, it’s still just a manuscript, but it should be published by the end of 2016, and then it will be A BOOK!

I’ll let you all know when it’s available, in the meantime you might be wondering how that came to pass…It’s kind of a funny story.

I decided I wanted to “create something” over the summer, and I decided it would be a book.  That was in June.

Then in July I started writing my book.

Then last week I finished it – It’s 8 chapters, with an intro and conclusion.

How did I write a book in less than 3 months?

I joined a group.  I wrote alongside other people.  I hired a coach.  I paid to write this book, so I knew I wouldn’t fail…I had made in investment in my goal, and by God I was going to get it done.

So…what is it that you’re looking to do?

2016 is almost over…we’ve got about 3.5 months left, and the way you end 2016 is the way you will begin 2017…so what is it?

Do you want to write and deploy a marketing plan for your business?

Do you want to create a blog, newsletter or write a book, and show up every week consistently for the rest of the year?

Maybe you want to create, market and fill an upcoming workshop, or find our first 5 paying clients…

Perhaps you want to pursue a promotion, or an entirely new career, or simply stick to a meal plan and exercise routine every week.

I’ve got the perfect thing for you!

Starting on Friday 9/23 I’ll be deploying“The Success Strategy”.  Over the next 3 months, I’ll be working with a small group of people toward one big WIG (Wildly Improbable Goal!), and every week I’ll be checking in with participants (over email or bi-weekly group coaching/work sessions) on small, attainable action steps toward their WIG.

Because it’s a Beta Program, I’m offering participants the opportunity to join for $300 (normally $500!).  And get this, if you sign up with a friend, I’ll bring you both in for $250 each (email me with your and your friend’s contact information in order to receive the $50/person refund after signing up!)  Because accomplishing something hard together is so much more fun than going it alone!

Email me today with any questions, or secure your spot here!

Hurry and register so that we can conduct your complimentary strategy session before the 23rd!

And whether or not you decide to join us, I hope you end 2016 with a bang!

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