The Power of Human Potential

Coaching is a funny business.  Most people don’t really understand coaching: they think coaching is to “fix something that’s wrong”.  Often, they liken it to therapy or counseling – and the reality is, there’s a little truth in all of that.  But there’s a deeper truth too:  Coaching isn’t necessarily about fixing what’s wrong (it’s more about uncovering what’s not working, and what we want to do about it)….Coaching is really about how to make the unpleasant good, or the good “even better.”

I’m a Certified Life Coach, though I specialize in leadership and professional development.  I’m often asked (in fact, 3 time this week) about how I would coach employees that are on a “performance improvement plan”.  My answer?  I don’t.  I could…I just don’t want to. The reality is that, typically, if someone is on a performance improvement plan, it’s because they’re not a “right fit” for the job they’re in, and by the time they’re put on a PIP, 3 months isn’t really enough time to change lifelong habits and develop a whole new set of skills.  I can coach someone to perform better in communication, organization, prioritization, confidence, satisfaction, personal responsibility…I can even coach them and help identify what “seat on the company bus” would be better suited for them.  But I’d much rather start when the company believes in the person’s potential..not once everyone has all but lost hope.  That’s a bummer deal for all of us.

  (GIF courtesy of the Harvard Business Review)

I coach for human potential – whether it’s in a “Life Coaching” capacity, like the 20-something career seekers I work with, or an “Executive Coaching” capacity, like the established leaders in their field – I explore how people can reach their “next best selves”.

One of the (many) questions that I love to ask my clients, is “how could this get even better?”  It seems so simple, but it’s a very powerful exercise in reflection.

If you are trying to shift your life or career into it’s next level of awesome, ask “what could make this even better?” and see what you come up with!  And if you’d like to explore working with a coach to help make those big dreams come true – Let me know!  I’d be thrilled to work with you!

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