“Stay Home” Tips & Ideas

Hey there!

My thoughts are constantly on my friends, family and clients during this time – while everyone is dealing with our current situation differently, it never hurts to have ideas of how to stay active, connected, sane and healthy!

I thought it might be useful to cultivate and send out some resources and tips – use what serves/helps you and leave the rest.  Some are free and others are low cost 😊  And as always, if you need to talk – I’m here!   (This is by no means a comprehensive list – just things that we are doing and know of!  If you have other suggestions to add, please send them my way!)

For adults:

Pay What You Can Coaching Sessions – April Only – with Meagan English Coaching

450 Ivy League Courses You Can Take Online for Free Right Now

Headspace Meditations for free

Master Gardener Series: Vegetable Gardening for Free through OSU (through April only)

With Kids and Teens (or on your own!):

Museums offering free virtual tours (including The Louvre, Van Gogh Museum and The Vatican Museum!)

The Seasoned Chef: Online Cooking Classes

Free Art with Mr. Dorofy

Rustic Shed Porch Pick Up Sign Painting Kits

Online Painting Classes (Have you own supplies) through Yaymaker

Quarantine Candle Making Kit by Malicious Women

Delish Free Cooking/Baking/Decorating Classes on Instagram

DIY Starbucks Drinks contributed by Sky (a member of the “Ministry Wellness Team” at St. Paul’s)


  • If you’re currently not working:
    • Take it easy on yourself…whatever you choose to do right now is just right. 
    • Create structure if that helps you cope – get up at a certain time each day, make time to get outside in the sun, and engage in activities you’ve not had time for before
    • Do something that brings you joy each day:  Read, Paint, Walk, Cook, Bake, Nap, Virtual Happy Hour with your friends and family
  • If you are currently working:
    • Create a comfortable and engaging space for yourself to spend your days in that allows for privacy and focus
    • Consider creating some kind of ritual or habit to start and end your day with in order to create boundaries around your work vs home time (ie: meditate every morning at 8, and family happy hour every day at 4:30)
    • Take breaks as you would normally (or better 😊)
    • Be sure to ask for what you need from anyone that you share space with, unapologetically
    • If you have children, consider setting them up with structure during your work time in order to keep them occupied so that you can focus

I hope this is helpful!  I miss you all and look forward to when I can see and working you all again! 

Thank you!!

Meagan English




PS:  If you know someone looking for coaching/consulting/project support, or are considering offering your staff online trainings please reach out!  I’d love to stay as busy as possible right now with work – though am a cleaning madwoman in the meantime!  😊


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