About Me

Welcome!  I’m Meagan and I’m happy you’re here!

As a Coach, Consultant and Partner in your personal and professional development journey, I pride myself on supporting you as you learn to examine you own assumptions and see things from new perspectives.  Through meaningful dialogue, we will explore how to navigate stressors, set healthy boundaries, and gain confidence in your roles – at home, and at work.  I serve as a motivator, a strategist, an objective sounding board and accountability partner while supporting you in your journey from “here” to “way beyond”.  My goal as your Leadership/Executive coach is to help you feel happier, gain clarity in direction, and navigate potholes and speedbumps with confidence.  My superpowers?  Humor, intellect, open/candid/kind communication and even-keel.

I work most often with organizations and their leaders, though in addition to my contracted work with transformational organizations, I work with individuals, as well as with professional teams that want to elevate both their individual self-awareness and their collective performance.  While much of my work is done via one-on-one coaching, my Equine Coaching events (incorporating horses) focus on group dynamics and developing leadership skills, and personal and relational awareness.  Through unique experiential learning and fun, cutting-edge education, teams will emerge from events with a renewed connection and camaraderie, and an ability to capitalize on each persons’ competencies and support each persons’ unique challenges.

What do I stand for?

I believe in love, acceptance and fairness above all else.  I believe that the best leadership is a blend of empathy, compassion, strength and action. I love to laugh, and can find humor almost anywhere.  Mocking is my kryptonite, but funny is my fuel.


I tend toward optimism…..usually.  I am direct, honest, deliberate and respectful.  I believe that empathy is essential – and also rare.  I love to be loved, but more importantly, I yearn to be useful.  I am extraordinarily proud of the role that I hold in my relationships – I am the confidante, the trustee, the safe place to land and the bear hug. I believe that leadership is a talent….and a skill.  I know that good communication is the cornerstone for healthy relationships – at home, at work, and in life.  I have learned that being respected is not the same as being liked, but that they are not mutually exclusive either.  Secretly, I know that being vulnerable is not the same is being weak…it is the same as being courageous….and it is almost always terrifying, no matter how many times you practice it. I want to be remembered for leaving my tiny piece of the world just a little bit better than I found it.  I know that every single person on this planet has a gift – it doesn’t matter who you are…or what your IQ is…or how fast you can run a mile.  I yearn for everyone to know that they are good enough.  I don’t care how many mistakes a person makes, as long as they are continuously learning. I love to be entertained, and used to occasionally imagine that I was part of the dream team cast of Criminal Minds (helloooo Shemar Moore….)  I love a good glass of red wine – or an ok glass of red wine – and a good meal shared with my family.  I love Corn Nuts and Sunflower Seeds on the sideline of a baseball game.  I’m a wildly competitive sports fanatic and raving lunatic fan (but don’t worry I’m not going to go yelling at the umps and referees) – even when my teams never win (I went to Oregon State, after all). I love to walk alongside my clients as they work through their fears, heal relationships, uncover their gifts, and set their sights on big dreams.  It makes me come alive, and I would be honored to work with you.

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As a former Director of Operations in health care, I have first-hand knowledge and experience in business oversight and development, risk management/HR and leadership development (my favorite was leadership development, by far!)

My book, “Uninvited Guest: The Art of Living with Anxiety, Stress and Overwhelm” reached best-seller status, and serves as a catalyst for much of my work with clients. I enjoy working with groups, both large and small, and consulting on leadership development programming.

I live just outside of Portland, OR with my husband, two crazy kids and a giant mastiff named Stella.  Sign up for a complimentary consultations or email me if you have questions or would like to find out more about how I can support you to feel better, and reach your goals!  If you’re a left-brained type, feel free to request a current copy of my resume.

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My Pro Bio (should you be interested in my 'other' qualifications)

After graduating from Oregon State University in 2000 (following time spent abroad), Meagan spent the next 15+ years enjoying progressive responsibility in the health care field. At the culmination of her corporate career, Meagan’s responsibilities as Director of Operations in a regional health care company included oversight of several business units across multiple states.  

Some highlights of Meagan’s career included managing start-up projects from the ground up – including oversight of the construction process, policy/procedure creation and development, hiring and team building, and business development / strategic techniques to grow revenue.  The autonomy of the work, coupled with the absolutely necessity for teamwork, and the ability to support patients and their families as they navigated some of the most challenging times of their lives was both rewarding and meaningful. Throughout Meagan’s career she acted as a Preceptor and mentor to young leaders, and eventually became a mentor among her peers.  The relationships cultivated throughout her career, with employees and peers, vendors, patients and families were the greatest reward.

In addition to working in Operations, Meagan also regularly led pilot projects, including acting as Project Manager for a full electronic health record deployment throughout the company, and served on various volunteer boards and steering committees.  Meagan served on the Wilsonville Chamber Board of Directors for several years, eventually receiving the President’s Award of Merit for Community Involvement.

In her personal life, Meagan has historically volunteered for the Oregon Humane Society, and served in a leadership capacity for her sorority Alpha Phi.  Additionally, she has volunteered as a head coach for skiing, swimming and baseball for Special Olympics of Oregon.  Meagan has volunteered for Children’s Cancer Association’s Hope For the Holidays, coordinating gift giving efforts for affected children and their families. Meagan has volunteered as a youth coach for both Canby Junior Baseball and North Valley Soccer, and has served on several not-for-profit community Board of Directors.   She serves as a volunteer judge, interviewer and Company Advisor for Young Entrepreneurs Business Week.  She is an adjunct professor for Concordia University, and a guest lecturer for Oregon State University.  Meagan has also been fortunate to be a conference speaker for both the Oregon and Washington Health Care Association Annual Conferences, and for Leading Age Oregon. Meagan is a Martha Beck Certified Life Coach, and a Certified Equus Coach™ through the Koelle Institute.  She created Meagan English Coaching in 2014 and has been busy supporting professional men and women ever since!

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