I love receiving testimonials and feedback from former clients!  If you’re trying to evaluate if a Coaching relationship, or other engagement with Meagan English Coaching might be right for you, please read on and find out what my clients have been saying!

My coaching experience with Meagan English has not only increased my ability for more smart and thoughtful decision making in my personal life, but has enhanced my business as well. Meagan has been able to guide my goals and broaden my ability to think outside of the box. She has helped to hold me accountable to the personal goals and values that I have set for myself. In return, my business has grown and I have experienced a heightened inner peace. 
– Kristi, Financial Advisor

Meagan helped me grow my private practice counseling business in a way that was comfortable for me by listening to what I wanted to achieve. She helped me narrow my focus, encouraged me, and held me accountable to follow through on things I wanted to accomplish.  I loved working with Meagan and I highly recommend her!!
– A.F. Therapist

I have spent time with Meagan doing career coaching as well as doing an Equus coaching session and both have completely changed my life. Meagan has helped me tremendously with my need to control every detail and situation, having realistic expectations, overcoming my need to be perfect, and building my emotional intelligence. I truly believe she has made me a better person both personally and professionally. Thank you for everything Meagan!!!
– S. A. Project Manager

Working with Meagan has been a complete life changer. For once in my life I know and feel confident with who I am as a person, wife, colleague and soon-to-be mother. During our sessions Meagan has helped me learn about setting false expectations for myself and others and how anxiety can stem from what I am telling myself. My Equus session…. well there are no words for that. Have you ever had an experience in your life where you have walked away just learning things about yourself and you are completely shocked because it all FINALLY makes sense? I learned how to create boundaries with a horse, sure…but really it was how to take that model and apply it to the people in my life. Equus coaching is a beautiful way to interact with a horse and have it represent people, emotions and any internal fears/stressors you have while you work through different exercises.
– A.L. Technical Operations Manager

Meagan has spoken for my audience on multiple occasions. She is so personable and friendly, that she is able to connect with the audience almost immediately. Each time, the audience walks away with amazing content & a sense of confidence they didn’t have when they arrived. I’ve been able to go to her with an idea or concept of what content I need and she’s able to develop and deliver content that exceeds expectations.

Meagan is so easy to work with and I always know the audience will have a great experience. Love working with her!
– Melodie King, OHCA

I loved working with Meagan because she helped me to recognize and develop my emotional intelligence.  With her help I was able to identify what are true, warm feelings versus those that are not true, or “dirty” emotional reactions.  Through my work with Meagan, I find I am able to respond to situations as they come up, rather than reacting.  Meagan’s coaching, guidance and perspective have been of benefit both personally and professionally!
– J.A. Project Manager

As a coach, Meagan uses her training and her incredible intuition to successfully guide clients like me through emotional and intellectual challenges. She is a gifted Coach and I can’t wait to read Uninvited Guest: The Art of Living with Anxiety, Stress and Overwhelm; I know her advice will be sound and helpful.
– Angi Dilkes, Lobbyist and Writer

I value working with Meagan so much.  She is thoughtful, intuitive and inquisitive in a way that makes me feel comfortable and supported – which is saying a lot when you are discussing tough issues like fear and anxiety.  Yet she also holds me accountable, which I want and need in a coach.  I look forward to continuing to work with her (and hopefully growing even more!).
-Maggie (recovering Advertising Sales Executive)

Coaching with Meagan is like getting to laugh and spill your guts to a trusted friend who not only really “gets” you but can actually HELP you! She helped me see how my people pleasing tendencies with my family were holding me back from embracing my own space to grow and succeed in my business and life. The sneaky beauty of her style is that instead of trying to give advice or fix you she empowers you to magically uncover your own inner wisdom and let you feel like you’re the most brilliant person ever!

She is kind, fun, insightful and incredibly effective and I highly recommend her.
– Nancy G.

Somewhere in my life I got the notion that I was responsible for everyone’s happiness.  That perfection was expected of me and if things did not turn out the way I had planned I was a giant failure.  I struggled with not wanting to move forward in any area that I didn’t have assurances that I would be “wildly” successful.  This was debilitating and was robbing me of the joy of trying new experiences.  It not only limited me personally, it was stunting my career growth.  I had heard of life coaches, and even had a friend who successfully changed her life through coaching.  I was apprehensive.  But feeling stuck and being presented with the opportunity to hire Meagan as my Life Coach, I decided to try it.  Meagan’s first session put all my fears and prejudice to rest.  After only my first session I was able to see that I was allowing negative thoughts to rule who I was and where I was going in my life.  Meagan provided tools on day one that allowed me to access my own power to not only recognize those thoughts but how to reframe them to my benefit.  I truly believe that my time with Meagan has changed my life forever.  There is no cure for shyness, but there are tools to overcome irrational thought processes and free yourself to live the life you want, not the life you think you should have.  One of my favorite outcomes is that Meagan helped me to give myself permission to be spontaneous – She helped me to remember that “perfection is the enemy of done”! 

Since working with Meagan I have tried many new experiences – some that I succeeded in, and some that I didn’t…but the way I feel after each experience is always rewarding, as I am FREE!!! 

Thank you Meagan for everything!
– Forever Grateful!

Meagan has given me clarity and direction on the balancing of my busy professional and personal life. Ongoing coaching with Meagan has increased my professional success and improved the quality of my personal life. I have also had an opportunity to preview and experience the Equus coaching. I highly recommend Meagan for both the one on one coaching experience and in the arena with the Equus coaching. Working with Meagan is a life changer!
– K.V. 

I asked Meagan to come and present to my group on “Organization and Prioritization”, which is a daily challenge for them. They were drawn in immediately and were engaged in all that she presented. She gave them so many tools to work with and offered her continued support with future questions or challenges. It’s not just about a presentation for her, it’s about her audience going forward and making the changes necessary to improve their work and home life. They all asked if she could return to our next group meeting to present on another topic they were interested in hearing more about. I will have her back to present again. Thanks for caring, Meagan!

– Lynne Hughs Jensen, Marquis Companies

Meagan is like a personal trainer, but for your heart and soul! She coached me in the round pen with a horse and within minutes put me at ease. She’s guided me to an intention using smart and perfectly timed questions which encouraged me to look within.

I walked away from the session feeling empowered, giddy, and a sense of childlike joy I had long forgotten.

I recommend Meagan to anyone struggling to make sense of this crazy world. She will help lead you back to a place of peace.
-Linda Riedman

Meagan is an excellent guide through the forest of personal development. She breaks things down into understandable parts, and provides useful “calls to action” to help you work through your own strengths and blocks, helping you move forward in your quest for growth. She is hilarious, and relatable, while at the same time providing the straight talk and confidence a person working with her can respect. Great workshop! Glad to be a part of it❤️
–  Jessica T.

 Honestly…Initially, I was pretty skeptical. However, as the session unfolded, I loved how Meagan allowed the horse to participate in the ‘conversation’. If you’re considering an Equus session, you should know that it is definitely a worthwhile experience – but parts of it might be emotional.  

Meagan definitely has a gift when it comes to breaking down emotional walls and encouraging self-healing.
– AH

When I first signed up for my Equus session I was both excited, and afraid (having a fear of horses didn’t help!)  As we got going, however, I discovered that I really enjoyed being able to work with a horse, overcome my fears, and learn about myself throughout the session. It is definitely NOT what I expected – It’s not about riding a horse (in fact you never get on one) – it’s about working alongside a horse, while making changes in your life. I wouldn’t change a thing about my Equus experience.

– Angie (A Gratified Client)

I was very skeptical going in to the Equus session, as I have a fear of horses. But thanks to Meagan’s gentle and loving nature I’m now a believer!  Meagan’s work is powerful and life changing. I have areas in my life that I know I need to change but I didn’t have the tools or courage to do anything about it. Having Meagan and the horse to intuitively guide me has brought to light areas that I need to work on.

I’m still reflecting on the powerful learnings I had that day, and will carry them forward with me.

I’m grateful to have had this experience and it was an honor to work with Meagan. I will be recommending her to all of my friends and colleagues!
– Tiffany Stafford, Product Engineer

This type of coaching (Equus) is so fascinating AND helpful beyond words, I would love if EVERYONE could try it (that was open to it, of course).  Having the horses provide raw, intense, honest, gentle, sweet, loving, deep, reflective feedback and mirror one’s true emotions and souls is amazing.

Also, Meagan is a PERFECT person for this type of work. She is so personable, loving, easy-going, helpful – I liked her right off the bat and adored her even more, of course, once all was over.  THANK YOU MEAGAN!!!
– JT

I can’t say enough about how helpful Meagan English has been! She has given me the tools I’d been looking for to help me grow both personally and professionally – Truly life changing!
– D.C.

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