Executive and Professional Coaching

Leadership.  Confidence.  Organization.  Communication.  Presence.  Emotional Intelligence.

These are topics that I am not only passionate about, but am well versed in.  As a former Director of Operations, I have a background in working with top talent and aspiring leaders.  As a Professional or Executive client, I will work with you to identify performance gaps that are current career limiters, and then to develop those gaps in order to support you in continued career development within your organization.  Many Corporate Clients that I work with are aspiring leaders with excellent performance potential, that struggle in one or two areas that may prohibit growth.  I also love to work with Executives and Top Performers, who want to focus on developing soft skills (think EQ), accomplishing big goals, and managing stress and overwhelm along the way, in order to capitalize on keeping joy and meaning in their work.

During coaching sessions, we will measure progress against goals, and action accountability since previous session(s). I regularly work with clients in the areas of:

Often, an employer will hire me to work with an employee whose continued professional development is important to the organization. In these situations, I see both the employee and the company as my clients, and together we’ll create a solution and reporting process that is right for all interested parties.  Schedule a complimentary strategy session here!

The future and the present

At Meagan English Coaching, I support those wishing to reach their full potential in their career and life.

In the Leadership (Professional) and Executive Coaching Packages, coach and client partner in order to:

  • Use assessments to understand leadership strengths, weaknesses and communication styles
  • Create a customized road map outlining stretch and long-term goals
  • Identify strategies and tactics through which to work toward the identified goals
  • Discover and practice new leadership skills in order to capitalize on strengths and complement weaknesses
  • Resolve situational roadblocks that emerge for clients and their teams (whether presenting in personal or professional situations, as we strive to support leaders throughout all aspects of their lives).

Coaching Benefits (As Described by Clients):

  • “An increased ability for more smart and thoughtful decision making”
  • “A broadened ability to think outside the box”
  • “For the first time in my life I feel confident as a supervisor, colleague and person in the world”
  • “I am able to thoughtfully respond instead of emotionally react to situations as they arise at work, and at home”
  • “Through useful ‘Calls to Action’ I was able to work through my own strengths and blocks in my quest for growth”
  • “I achieved clarity and a better balance between an equally busy personal and professional life”
  • “As odd as it sounds, I developed an enhanced risk and failure tolerance”
  • “An ability to say a confident ‘no, thank you’ to things that don’t deserve my time or energy”

Companies that invest in their people thrive.

If you want to know more about my qualifications and experience, you’re welcome to email me and request a copy of my resume.

The skills I will work with you on are some of the greatest indicators of any leaders’ success or failure.  Leadership and professional development is near and dear to my heart, and I would be honored to work with you, and/or your team along your professional development journey.

If you’re interested in finding out more about Professional or Executive Coaching for yourself or your employee(s), set up a strategy session today!  You can hope on over to the Investment Page to find out more,  as well!


Most of my clients work with me in 3-, 6- or 12-month packages on a bi-weekly basis.  However, customized solutions are also available to help get you (or your leaders) where they want to go.  Other options include shorter term, more intensive relationships (like 3 months of weekly sessions, single day intensive planning retreats, or multi-day group retreats and events.

My ultimate goal is to be your partner, and to help you get crystal clear so you can navigate both your work and home life with ease.

Interested in seeing if this might be right for you?  Set up your complimentary consultation or shoot me an email and we’ll talk more.