Life and Career Coaching

Life Coaching is one way to improve so many areas of your own life:  relationships, confidence, overwhelm, job satisfaction, parenting, and more.

I once called my husband from a Coaching Retreat and remember saying “Ok…this may sound dramatic…but this is Life. Changing.”  True story. 

Coaching can address whatever obstacles stand in your way to achieving your goals, dreams and best life.  It’s not just for people that are facing obstacles, however….think of Life Coaching as a personal trainer for your soul.

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While I may have a “plan” for any given session, we work with whatever is coming up for you that is causing you pain, dissatisfaction or stress.  For many clients, this means that I’m simply walking along side you to keep you on track and accountable to what you have identified as your goals.  As a Life Coach, my strategy is in hearing your story and asking you powerful questions that allow you to find the answers within – YOU are the expert on you….I am simply a catalyst.

Stressed out?  Anxious?  Exhausted?  Defeated?  Overwhelmed?  Unsure?  Frustrated?

Big goal in mind?  Need a partner to support you and keep you moving in the right direction?  Accountability?

Let’s get and keep you on track – You’re worth it.

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