Things I’m loving right now!: Books, Tools, Resources!

In ‘marketing terms’, you might call me a ‘Connector’. I take great pride in connecting people to things, services and other people that they may need.

And I only work with the very best.

Below, I’ve included some resources, links and information to services and people that I work with and highly recommend that you look into – If you need a recommendation for something or someone not listed here, please shoot me an email and I’ll see how I can help!

In an effort toward true transparency, please note that in some cases below these may be affiliate links (meaning I get paid for the recommendation…but do know that I choose my affiliates sparingly and wisely – meaning if I wouldn’t work with them myself, they’re not listed here).

My Book

If you’ve not already read my book “Uninvited Guest: The Art of Living With Anxiety, Stress and Overwhelm”, you can purchase it here. This is an easy-to-read resource designed to uncover both sources and behavioral symptoms of high-functioning anxiety, and to provide easy-to-use tools and resources that can help you learn how to live more peacefully with these uninvited guests!

Day Designer

This is my planner of choice (though I love me some Outlook, too!). This beautiful planner includes strategic planning tools, annual and monthly and weekly overviews, daily calendars and notes pages, and places to prioritize your top 3 agenda items, plan dinner, and write your daily gratitude. It really is about designing not just your day, but your life. There are full and mid-year editions. And the best news? It’s gorgeous. Get yours here »

Business Cards and Media

I get more compliments on my business cards than you could imagine…that’s because I let my imagination run wild with creating at Moo. I make custom business cards, thank you cards, birthday cards, postcards…you name it, I’ve probably made it. And it’s high quality stuff you’re sending out into the world, too! Try using this link to get $15 off of your first order at

I can also refer you to Financial Advisors, Mortgage Lenders, Realtors, CPAs and tax gurus, publishers and editors, and more…let me know what you’re looking for and I’ll see if I can help.