Uninvited Guest

Uninvited Guest - By Meagan English
Uninvited Guest: The Art of Living with Anxiety, Stress and Overwhelm” was created to help people learn to live with freedom, even when anxiety, stress and overwhelm stand at the door. Perfectionism, procrastination and over-commitment are just a few of the symptoms that hold smart, capable people back from finding direction and catapulting their careers and lives forward. As a former Operations Executive and now Professional Coach, today Meagan uses various techniques that helped her navigate her own journey through “High Functioning Anxiety” to help countless business professionals and leaders to identify what they want, what’s holding them back, and how to move forward.

From Meagan: “I wrote this book to show readers that they’re not alone, and to share basic tools that can help my readers learn to live more fully, freely, and peacefully alongside their own uninvited guests, whatever form those may take: Anxiety. Stress. Overwhelm….and all of the behavioral symptoms that come alongside those stressors.”

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Praise for “Uninvited Guest”:

Meagan offers simple and effective tools that pave the way for embracing our anxiety and living a more peaceful and authentic life. I hope you will enjoy this genuine and insightful read as much as I did.
– Koelle Simpson, Founder of the Koelle Institute for Equus Coaching

Meagan’s gift to the reader is to give you the chance to learn how to get the upper hand by learning simple ways to embrace your vulnerability and experience deeper self-acceptance, wherever you are in your journey. – Angelica Williams, Life Enrichment Director (Retired)

After reading ‘Uninvited Guest’, I feel better prepared to spot anxiety’s approach and to invite it to keep walking because it isn’t welcome here! This book is easy and entertaining to read and I highly recommend it.
– Angi Dilkes, Lobbyist and Writer

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